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Gerbiami svetainės lankytojai, svetainėje yra publikuojamos mokykloje vykstančių viešų renginių foto nuotraukos ir asmenų atvaizdai. Asmenys, pageidaujantys pasinaudoti „teise būti pamirštam“ (Europos Parlamento ir Tarybos reglamentas (ES) 2016/679, 2016 m. gegužės mėn. 24 d.) turėtų kreiptis į svetainės administratorių.




In 1997 the first gymnasium classes of humanities and exact sciences were established in Svencioneliai 1st secondary school.

On the 5th of June, 2000 the Board of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania granted school the status of gymnasium and on the 1st of September in the same year it was reorganised into two different institutions – Svencioneliai basic school  and four-year Svencioneliai gymnasium that was located in former foster home (1951-1958 pedagogical school) premises. Eleonora Aboroviciene was appointed as the head of the gymnasium and school inauguration took place on November 17, 2000. The main goal of every school community member was to seek the willingness to create, raise and cherish the gymnasium in order to  become well known and open. 

In 2005 the new idea was developed – the gymnasium was going to seek the name of the King Mindaugas. The  whole gymnasium‘s community focused on implementing the purposeful activity: the project  ,,Karaliaus Mindaugo takais“ ("Follow the path of King Mindaugas“). During the project the new Nalsia lands were found and visited, various excursions to the historical and mythological places of the Svencionys region were organised. A play based on Justinas Marcinkevičius drama “Mindaugas“ was put on. The project outcome was a direct indication that Gymnasium could be called "Svencioneliai Mindaugas Gymnasium".

On the 17th of June, 2004 the gymnasium museum ,,Aukstaitiska pirkia“ ("Highlanders farmstead") was founded that later received many national  awards.

In 2016 the museum‘s document department was moved to a newly established conference room on the second floor of the gymnasium.

The third floor of the gymnasium was opened in 2007. Classrooms for Foreign Languages, Natural Sciences, Art, principal deputies for education, a career education centre, a psychologist and a social pedagogue were located in that modern educational space.

In 2010, on the occasion of 10 year‘s anniversary the gymnasium was named after Lithuanian King Mindaugas.
On 1st February 2015 Svencioneliai Mindaugas gymnasium headmistress became Daiva Veronika Gaidamaviciene.
On October 6, 2016 the Geography classroom named after C. Kudaba (the student of Svencioneliai former pedagogical school) was opened.

On 1 September, 2016 the youth and adults education centre was joined to Svencioneliai Mindaugas Gymnasium.


Svencioneliai Mindaugas gymnasium is a democratic and modern organisation which develops the effective partnership and individual progress.


The mission of Svencioneliai Mindaugas Gymnasium is to provide a high-quality basic (second stage) and secondary education, extra-curricular programmes, seek each student‘s progress, stimulate students‘ personal growth and creativity, collaborating with parents, the local community and social partners and educate a conscientious, responsible, self-sufficient student.


Studying, spiritual comfort, responsibility, respect,  confidence, behaviour culture, ecological culture and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Effective education.
  • Effective partnerships.
  • Educating culture.

The community of the gymnasium takes pleasure in their achievements and hopefully meets the new decade with a view to continue a high level of education and growth.

Pamokų laikas

1. 08.00 - 08.45
2. 08.55 - 09.40
3. 09.50 - 10.35
4. 10.55 - 11.40
5. 12.00 - 12.45
6. 13.05 - 13.50
7. 14.00 - 14.45
8. 14.55 - 15.40

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